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Process Mining- Identify bottlenecks and optimize your processes

Identifying bottlenecks that slow down productivity is a real challenge for Businesses. Most times, what is assumed to slow down productivity may not be the real cause. This is because it is hard to find evidence to support these assumptions. However, ever since...

3 Ps of integration – Prediction, Personalisation, and Pricing

Integration is one of the most crucial elements of a QTC project. An erroneous integration put the entire Quote to Cash system at risk. It is a tremendous undertaking but on the flip side, it is an incredible opportunity to leverage data and tools to gain a...

Dancing Around Dirty Data

Inaccurate data is one of the primary reasons for QTC projects to fail. It has a drastic impact on the level of adoption and impacts important decision-making in organizations. It can even have a significant effect on the top-line growth of a company. In this blog post, let us explore the importance of Data Quality and its impact on QTC implementation.

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Leading Sales Transformation With Online Commerce
Leading Sales Transformation With Online Commerce

Businesses around the world today are feeling the impact of Covid-19. While most consumer-oriented businesses adapted…

Data Quality Is Critical For Sales Excellence

Analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are powerful enablers of business transformation…

Council Post How To Boost Up Selling Of Professional Services With Technology.clipular
How To Boost Up Selling Of Professional Services With Technology

Partners at management consulting and other professional services firms, client partners at IT services companies and sal…

Industry 4.0
Sales Transformations For "Industry 4.0"

The term “Industry 4.0” refers to the transformation of the manufacturing sector by digital technologies, such as…

Re Engineering Sales And Finance For Success With B2B Subscription Models
Re-Engineering Sales & Finance For Success with B2B Subscription Models

People need to learn how to declutter and not amass physical possessions. That’s the advice life coaches and spiritual gurus…

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Give Pricing Decisions The AI Edge

In my experience as a business transformation solutions expert, I know that deals are only closed when both buyer and seller see the value…

Council Post How To Enable Partners To Sell More.clipular
How To Enable Partners To Sell More

Selling in the business to business (B2B) space is becoming more complex, as enterprises add new channels and new partners to their ecosystems.

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Enhance Process Efficiency With AI-Enabled Process Mining

Across enterprises, no business process — purchase to pay, order to cash, customer service, supply chain, IT service manage…

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Time to difficulty
Apttus Quote To Cash Transformation for existing customers

Be it our iPhones, Alexa, MS Office suite, all of them need an upgrade from time-to-time, to ensure they interact…

Tax Integration
Tax integration for SaaS based Quote to Cash (QTC) systems

Quote-to-Cash (QTC) is a key business process for most businesses today. Many companies are implementing Software as a Service (SaaS)…

Price Management 1
Price Management: The Road Ahead to Pricing Excellence

As companies grow, their list(s) of products and services increase in size and complexity. It becomes increasingly difficult to manage product pricing…

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